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Enjoy this fresh word and perspective from my ministry friend Eric Arnold today. In this word He clearly articulates and exposes spiritual truths concerning the left, Antifa, & BLM that many Christian leaders are failing to grasp today. The contrast between conservatives and the left has become so clear, so stark, the likes of which we've ever seen before in this nation. On one side you see people doing things and saying things which we never thought we would see from sensible people in a civilized nation. The level of hatred, evil, and seared conscience is unbelievable. Yet on the other side, on the side where conservatives find themselves, it seems that many are finding Christ on their own organically just by resisting the evil which is coming from the Left and seeing the battle talked about in scripture played out right before their eyes. This is a staggering statement.

But as my friend Eric so clearly says, the differences between conservatives and liberals (in the sense of what the word "liberal" means today, not traditionally) are irreconcilable. This is a battle waging which is nothing less than light against darkness. Understand what's happening and understand what God is trying to show us for the days we're living in. There will be a full maturation of the Babylonian system in the earth as scripture has foretold, both governmentally and spiritually, and we the church in this day must decide whether we're going to be the pure spotless bride or the compromised church system which is ultimately be harvested by the antichrist spirit as it's merged with the state.

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In a very real sense Antifa and violent leftist groups have a much clearer grasp of how things work than most people on the right, including Christians. They understand that the underlying worldviews of right and left are irreconcilable and that power is what matters in the end. Made soft by decades of liberal propaganda, seeping through every crack in our nations, conservatives and conservative Christians naively cling to hopes of unity and security of a sort that will never be seen again. The debased mindset of the left has progressed too far, matured too much, to ever allow for things to go back to the way they were. There was a time when liberals in the west championed open debate, free speech and equal application of the law. But this was always simply part of Satan’s long con to grow his demonic ideologies, to gain strength under cover of supposed liberal values, until this strength was at a level that he could simply take over, and take over he has. In America, every institution from education to media has been taken by the enemy. Even our national security agencies are dominated by leftists.

This, by the way, is why Donald Trump is the most demonized and maligned politician in living memory. Trump wasn’t simply the repudiation of elite values. His election was a shot across the bow, a challenge, the first in decades, of nearly unchallenged control by the left, not just in America, but in the world (Brexit also falls into this category). I’m speaking here not necessarily about Trump himself, but about the spirit animating “Trumpism” which is much larger than one man. They were in control. When they got their man into office they were in control, when they fell just short of having their man elected, they only had to briefly settle for controlled opposition in the form of a Mitt Romney or a George Bush. The gears of the machine never actually stopped turning, power continued to flow from the many to the few. And those few were and are totalitarian leftists of the worst sort.

To understand the left you have to understand that everything they do, their entire ideology, rests on the belief that we, humans, can bring heaven to earth by our abilities. We can end poverty, racism, and suffering as we bow down to the gods of science, reason, and the human mind. This is nothing more than the modern day manifestation of the same spiritual dynamics in Genesis chapter 11 when men thought they could build a tower to heaven and make “ a name for themselves.” Leftism is constructed on the Babylonian impulse. It is a pagan political religion and it is empowered by a demonic spirit. In light of this it is easy to understand the violence of groups like antifa and BLM. They do not view themselves as political actors, because indeed they aren’t. They are religious warriors waging holy war on behalf of the poor and oppressed. Their fight is against those who stand in the way of the ascendency and rule of their Babylonian tower, their utopia.

I hope by this point you are beginning to see the connection between modern leftist politics and the antichrist spirit. “Antichrist,” at the root, concerns a substitute Jesus and denominational Christianity. Denominational Chrisitanity, with its mixture of the pure word with human teachings and the traditions of men, is one aspect of Satan's Babylonian system, where towers to men have been built. But in the end times these religious systems will begin to fully unite with political systems energized by the same spirit. Because of this we cannot bury our heads in the sand and pretend that political matters shouldn’t concern the truly spiritual. Leftist politics and thought are based on assumptions that are thoroughly antichrist. To navigate the days we live in we must grasp this. If a miracle happens in the coming weeks and America is extended mercy and more time through a second Trump term, we can likely expect more violence and chaos, not less.

Ultimately, it is the real church of the Lord Jesus Christ who is the enemy of leftist political movements. Because these movements are empowered by a spirit seeking to turn worship away from the Lord and toward the idol of human solutions, they must, of necessity, begin to persecute all those who claim to worship Christ alone. For this reason Satan is making every effort to promote and empower a false church in the days ahead. This will be a church that claims to worship Christ but who has compromised the word and tied herself to the state. I suspect that much of the current crisis will be used to further this plan.

In His Service,

Eric Arnold

ERIC ARNOLD is an emerging prophetic teacher in the church who carries a powerful revelation of Christ as well as a God-given mandate to bring forth key end-time messages which the Lord has prepared for this day. In 2015, after a season of prayer and fasting, the Lord sent Eric to Europe as a missionary. Eric & his wife Fabienne operate "Sons of Light Ministries" which is dedicated to announcing the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and the final gathering of his bride. Eric and wife have two children. They currently reside in Colmar, France.

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