Updated: Nov 19, 2020

In this video Stephen shares some of his thoughts on the recent passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and also some of his own reaction to Christian’s posts coming out about this woman. Stephen feels very strongly that it’s morally wrong to honor such a person, and that more than ever before the church must call evil evil and good good. The fate of nations is at stake and without the plumbline of truth which comes from the word of God we as the church and a nation are doomed to continue to be twisted and deceived by an evil spirit that sears the conscience, making it impossible to feel what God feels about sin.

Some people struggle with the seemingly contradictory nature of calling evil evil like God does in scripture, like Jesus and the apostles did, while “keeping their love on” (KYLOing as it’s been called) at the same time, but let your doubts be laid to rest. There is a way to speak hard truth while not compromising your love for God and for people. Be assured, Jesus did not “turn his love off” when He was calling the Pharisees children of their father the devil (Jn.8:44). There is a way to hold up the truth while staying in love, and in this video Stephen endeavors to do that concerning this sensitive subject.

We pray this is a blessing to you. Be sure to leave your comments in the comments section. We always love hearing your thoughts!


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