TIME FOR THE CHURCH TO TAKE OFF THE MASK 😷😷😷😷😷 | Stephen Powell & Eric Arnold

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

In this video Stephen Powell and Eric Arnold discuss a word from the Lord that they’ve had on their hearts all year long: It’s time for the church to take off the masks and be more honest. What’s interesting is that Stephen and Eric received this word earlier this year before the nation wide mask mandates were ever put into effect with covid. Then, shortly after that, the churches were closed and the masks were put on. Stephen & Eric believe the Lord is saying something through all this.

Too often leaders are taught and encouraged to not show the public who they are, to hide and put up a facade. What’s worse is this decision to be dishonest with one’s presentation and appearance is spiritualized and justified with saying that the body has to be protected or the church has to get the world to like us so they’ll like Jesus. But what many aren’t realizing is that the world is longing for authenticity more than ever before, after generations of fakes in Hollywood, the fashion industry, and politics being sold to the public. The most engaging social media personalities today, people like Joe Rogan and Gary V, are known for their authenticity and realness. And although we would never condone Christian leaders freely expressing ungodly lifestyles of the flesh, we would say that there is a lot of room for the church to occupy in the space of authenticity that we are currently not occupying which the Lord is calling us into. Be honest about the problems the church is really facing, be honest about your true beliefs, be honest about your eschatology regardless of what people might say, and be honest when you’re really struggling. The facade doesn’t help you and it doesn’t honor God. Be who God has made you to be and don’t be ashamed of it. The more we learn to love ourselves and the grace gifts that God has entrusted to us, the easier it becomes to take off the mask and present ourselves before God and not man.


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