Updated: Nov 19, 2020

In this video you’ll see the “wagon dream” that Dana Coverstone had on August 25th, 2020. You’ll see just how pertinent this word is to the time we’re living in now. In the dream Pastor Dana saw the date of November 3rd being circled, but then He saw a sign which said, “The obvious winner is not obvious”. After this He saw all hell break loose, fighting in the streets, anarchy, cities burning, etc.. It seems to me that the lord showed Pastor Dana through this dream several months before the election that although at first it would look like an obvious winner would emerge, then something would happen though that would cause riots, anarchy, and violence. I don’t believe for a second that the people he saw rioting were conservatives. I have to believe that the people Dana saw taking to the streets in protest and violence was the same antifa/BLM/democratic crazed demonic mob which we’ve seen doing it all year, and I believe that the only thing that could set them off at this point is a reversal to the election results and Trump being proclaimed the winner after all. So enjoy this video saints, be encouraged, and brace yourselves, cause’ I believe it’s about to get tumultuous as it appears the Lord is about to turn this whole thing around in Trump’s favor!

(Disclaimer: Dana Coverstone is not saying that Trump’s going to win, this is simply my interpretation of his dream from August 25th, as well as other dreams He’s had and words I’ve received from the Lord)

Bless you,

Stephen Powell


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