In this video (originally recorded on Stephen’s facebook page during a facebook live broadcast on 11/19/20) Stephen Powell and Eric Arnold tackle some important issues surrounding what they call “MAGA prophecy”. As they lay out in the video, MAGA prophecy is in need of untangling by the spirit of wisdom and understanding because although there are accurate prophetic words that come through in this movement, many of these words are mixed with a high-level of “soulish human influence” that come through in the prophecies along with their interpretations. This is why the bible talks about judging prophecy. Prophecy must be judged because it has a human element in it and therefore is subject to error. Too much receiving of erroneous prophetic words and interpretations can seriously hurt people’s faith. This is why Stephen and Eric are concerned about this, because if we fail to discern and judge properly prophecy surrounding Trump and America, if we fail to separate the pure from the profane in these words, it could hurt a lot of people very seriously in their faith.

Stephen and Eric also talk about some of the prophecies that were released prior to the election that have been fulfilled or are in the process of being fulfilled currently. They talk about politicians who are laying out their plans currently for the “great reset” and using the covid crisis to “re-imagine global economic systems”. How do we interpret these events that are happening currently? What do we do? These subjects are very important for the body of Christ currently, and we pray that you are both encouraged and strengthened with the insight that Stephen & Eric provide through their combined efforts in videos like these!

Bless you,

LLM Staff


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