In this video you’ll hear from two prophets, as well as Stephen, about a prophetic connection that the Lord is making between President Trump and George Washington. We believe it’s simple: what is happening now with tyranny, draconian lock downs, and unconstitutional overreach of power from democrats and leftists is creating a similar environment that was brewed in the colonies prior to and during the American revolution which eventually led to our freedom and independence as a nation. Just as George Washington was called to lead a resistance and eventually lead our nation as our first President, so Donald Trump has been called to lead a resistance against China, globalism, and communism that is threatening to destroy this nation. That resistance began with his rallies and his epic run to the White House in 2016, and it’s continued as He’s occupied the presidency the last four years. And make no mistake about it, it will not end regardless of what happens within the next few weeks. The spark has been lit, the American people have been ignited, and God is going to fight with us and for us in this necessary resistance which He’s calling “The Second American Revolution”.


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