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As many of you are aware, our main online platform for the ministry has been “The Prophetic Voice” for quite some time now. That’s the branding we carry on facebook and instagram. That’s the title of our free newsletter that we send out daily through email. That’s been the name of our primary youtube channel for a while now. But due to censorship by youtube we’ve been forced to temporarily abandon our Prophetic Voice channel there and start from scratch with a new one. At least for now.

The way Youtube’s community standards work is similar to Facebook, Twitter, and all of the tech giants nowadays. Anything that YT deams inappropriate such as pro-life rhetoric that they see as false or misleading, or political rhetoric that they deem a “danger to the republic” they not only censor but shut you down from operating your channel. At least with facebook they just slap a “fact checker” sticker on your post but allow you to move on with posting, but not so with Youtube. Youtube gives you “strikes” and they physically shut down your ability to post new content to your channel. Once you get three strikes with them they permanently remove your channel. Our latest strike came as a result of us calling abortion murder, which they disagree with obviously. This is very unfortunate. It’s very sad because it shows just how much America is no longer the America that many of you grew up in and having known.

So, because of these developments, we will not be posting anything on our “Prophetic Voice” Youtube channel for at least three months in order to allow all the strikes to expire from our page (It takes 90 days for them to expire). We’re not going to risk getting one more strike at this time and having the channel deleted permanently (which is what they’re telling us will happen if we get one more strike within the next 90 days). We’re being forced to start from scratch with this new youtube channel which we’re just calling our “Lion of Light Ministries” youtube channel. If you wish to continue getting our videos which we regularly post to this platform, be sure to subscribe to this channel as well as the other one, which will resume next year in the month of February.

In the days in which we’re living we have to heed our Lord’s command as He are sent us out like sheep among the wolves to be “gentle as doves and wise as serpents” (Matt.10:16). Pray for us, that as we continue to operate this ministry during this massive illegal global lockdown, that we will receive freely God’s wisdom on how to continue to maneuver through this world while still being effective with communicating the gospel and the truth.

Bless you,

Stephen Powell


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