In this 5 MP3 set, Stephen brings 4 different messages on satan's attacks on America and how God will use us, His people, to bring this nation back to God. 

MP3 - 1: Secret Deliverance - Learn the ways of God for not just receiving deliverance, but how to walk in a glory realm of freedom for you and your family. The Bible declares, "whom the Son sets free is free indeed" (John 8:36). When you learn to abide in then secret place as a lifestyle, you know the freedom that Christ has purchased for you, not just in theory but in reality!

MP3 - 2: The Demonic Behind Disarming America - Hear fascinating prophetic insight from Stephen on the Constitution of America and how this gift from God is currently under attack. Hear the Word of the Lord pertaining to the 2nd Amendment - how this is a pillar of protection for our nation that God has given us, and how essential gun rights are to keeping the forces of darkness at bay in our land!

MP3 - 3: The Fear of the Lord to Deliver America - The Wisdom of the Word tells us that the Fear of the Lord is not some religious idea. It's actually a power, a grace from God, to "depart from evil" (Prov. 16:6). As you listen to Stephen minister under this anointing, receive of this power, and learn about how God will use the Fear of the Lord to deal with HIs Church and address the great evils that are at work in this land.

MP3 - 4 & 5: Fasting, Fire, & Snakes - Discover the connection between exposing the demonic, dealing with the demonic, and learning to harness the weapon of warfare known as "fasting." Hear about an amazing encounter Stephen had with the spirit of python (divination) and how God intends to deal with this spirit in high places of influence!

Deliver America - CD Set

  • Deliver America - CD Set

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