A theological term is used in certain circles called “theological tension”. This term is used to describe the necessary handling of key foundational truths revealed in scriptures, which seem from the standpoint of logical reasonable thinking to be contrary to one another. But these truths are in fact complementary, even though much of their value is held in mystery for the less mature.
In this message, Stephen talks about a few of these truths which must be held in tension in order to walk as a healthy Christian before the Lord. Learn how to walk in truth and not become extreme and out of balance. Learn how to rightly divide the word of truth, and discern error from truth. Learn what it means to be a trusting student of the word, and to approach all theological endeavors from the standpoint of intimacy and relationship with God! This message will change your life!

Embracing Divine Tension In Truth (Downloadable)

  • Embracing Divine Tension In Truth (Downloadable)

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