We have combined Financial Glory Volumes 1, 2, and 3 into ONE special set. We are offering this 12 message combo at a discounted price for you.

The subject of finance is timeless and must continue to be addressed with each new generation from a kingdom and biblical perspective. In these three volumes of teaching on the subject called "Financial Glory," you stand the chance of grabbing hold on some of the freshest relevant prophetic teachings on this subject to date. God is carrying forward the prosperity movement, but is adding greater glory to it in this generation. From the infallible words of scriptures, from the lips of the Lord Jesus Christ and his holy angels in contemporary prophetic visions, and from the testimonies and teachings of Stephen Powell, a cutting-edge seer prophet whom the Lord is raising up mightily in this hour; prepare to have your paradigm completely shifted on what it means to walk in the economy of heaven while on the earth!

In these 12 teachings you'll learn:

- How the Lord is causing his people to eat the fat of the Land
- What it means to receive the tenfold return on every seed you sow
- How the Lord is causing sons & daughters to dine with him at the king's table
- Which angels work in the ministry of financial glory
- How Heaven's banking system works
- How to receive the strength to walk out your calling completely, much more!

Financial Glory - MP3 (12 Message Combo)

  • Financial Glory - MP3 (12 Message Combo)

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