This was the first prophetic painting I ever did. I painted it in Australia in the fall of 2018 the day I met a friend of mine who happened to be a very anointed prophetic painter. He encouraged me to take up the brush and see what happens. That's when I started!
This angel visited me in Australia the week before I painted him. He's an awesome angel that I call "The Angel of Repentance". I believe He works with Elijah messengers to help them carry God's voice in the earth. This angel helps Elijah messengers to write and release the sound of heaven through their preaching and prophecy! Angels like this one are being released in these last days to help a bridal company prepare the church and the world for the second coming of Christ! I say yes and amen to all the help that heaven wants to give us!

The Angel of Repentance

  • The Angel of Repentance

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