The Seer

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The Seer

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This is an in-depth teaching series on the Seer Anointing, how to go deeper in this anointing, how it functions within the believer, and how this gift is maturing in our day within the body of Christ! Your life will never be the same after you listen to "The Seer"!


In the bible there are many passages which speak on the prophets and the prophetic anointing. The word "seer" is one of the biblical words used to describe a type of prophetic ministry, first identified in the Prophet Samuel. The word seer is the Hebrew word "ra'ah" which means not only to see, but to perceive and consider. There are a great variety of ways which we receive revelation from God, and the seer anointing enhances a person senses so that they can supernaturally sense and perceive the word of the Lord and workings of the spirit realm with their spirits. In this teaching, you will learn from a seasoned seer: - First-hand accounts and stories about this extraordinary anointing moving through a modern-day seer prophet - How the anointing is revealed in biblical prophets, and what incredible potential this gift unlocks for believers - Where God is taking the seer anointing in our day - How God used the prophet William Branham, and how God is passing his spiritual heritage forward - Why the seer anointing is precious to the Lord, and how God uses it to enhance our relationship with God