President Donald Trump Painting Print

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President Donald Trump Painting Print

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Print of a painting depicting President Donald Trump standing in a storm for America, Israel, and the nations.


This beautiful piece was painted by Evangelist Stephen Powell in the winter of 2018. Stephen drew inspiration from what He believes Donald Trump's divine assignment is, for America, Israel, and the world. The mixing of both the American and the Israeli flag in the background represents that America and Israel's destinies are intertwined in these last days. Donald Trump bears the weight of his spiritual assignment for nations as He governs today. The unique blend of colors in Trump's face represents all the emotions He goes through in a given day. This piece also depicts President Trump standing in a storm for the positions He takes for righteousness and the good of our nation. It's Stephen's hope that whoever buys this print would hang it on their wall and when they look at it day after day they would remember the incredible burden our President carries, and that they would remember to pray for him everyday. The bible says that we should pray for our leaders so we may have peace in our land (1 Tim.2:1-2). Whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, pray for this man so that God can bless our nation! Please Be Advised: Your order includes only a print of the original canvas painting. This order does not come with a frame. The picture of this product depicts how you can use the print yourself in your home or office!